Voice Broadcasts

Voice Broadcasts are an exciting way to take advantage of reaching producers with a high-impact, compelling message delivered to your target audience by one of our voice professionals (or by you if you prefer) at a speed no other calling technology can offer.  

Do you need to send out a personalized message about a time-sensitive deadline?  Wish you could personally invite prospective producers to one of your seminars?  Or do you just want to tell producers about a new and exciting product feature or bonus structure?  If you answered yes to any of those questions then Voice Broadcasts is the cost-effective tool for you to incorporate into your marketing plans.

Combined with or following an Email Broadcast campaign is a winning combination since it provides for both visual and audio touch points with your targeted audience and we make it extremely affordable for you to do so.

The process begins with working with you to identify the exact producer you wish to reach with your message. As an example, this can be based on location, license types or products represented. From there our experienced and insurance literate design team will work with you to develop a custom script to meet your needs with a benefit oriented, well articulated offer.

One of our voice professionals will record your message in order to enhance the agents experience with the phone call. Once the prospect has listened to the engaging and personalized message he will be asked to press 1 to connect to you or your office, or 2 to leave a message with his information so you can contact him. Of course you can choose to only have them leave messages.

As soon as your leads begin coming in they will be available through our proprietary customized Dashboard where your messages can be heard and the results of your campaign can be tracked 24/7 right alongside of your other print and online campaigns you are deploying through us.

Because we understand the importance of delivering interested leads to you as quickly and easily as possible, you can also utilize two additional lead gathering features with this product for those times you are out of the office or away from your desk. You can listen to your leads over any phone line simply by dialing in to a dedicated phone extension, or we can send a notice to your mobile device every time a message is left for you.

Voice Broadcasts are a perfect combination to any promotional effort or they can be a stand-alone announcement method for your organization.

Call one of our Senior Marketing Consultants today and we’ll construct a custom script to your exact requirements. 866-446-3853 Ext 205.

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