Video Email Campaigns

Utilizing spokesperson videos in your Email Campaigns provides an excellent way to make your message an interactive one providing a way to make an immediate connection with your prospective producers.

Videos can be used to inform prospects rapidly about the most important aspects of your email message, ensuring that in the first few seconds they arrive on your Landing Page they hear the most compelling part of your product offering.

Seasoned marketers and companies know that building rapid interest with prospects is key to boosting clicks into conversions. The use of video is an effective and simple way to make this connection, boost their interest and ensure their contact. Current savvy marketers are using videos as effective marketing tools to accomplish a variety of things such as:

  • Introduce yourself or your product.
  • Create buzz during a product launch.
  • Build your contacts by offering free white papers, webinars, podcasts or videos
  • Create video content to enrich your site and make it more interactive.
  • Create a video sales letter.

Nothing beats the personal message and direct connection in your Email Broadcasts that having a spokesperson video included as part of the campaign can provide.

It provides emotion, it’s highly engaging and it allows you to direct the viewer to places on your Landing Page you want to ensure they see. In general, research shows that use of video can increase conversion rates in the range of 1-2%, but it can go as high as 12%. We make the process simple and cost-effective, it’s a simple and inexpensive add-on to your Email Campaign.

Our trained and insurance literate creative team will design your ad, your Landing Page and write your script. You choose your spokesperson from our roster of professional actors and actresses and we shoot the video. Its all part of the creative process we provide as part of your campaign.

Call a Senior Marketing Consultant today and we’ll construct a custom video email campaign built specifically for you. 866-446-3853 Ext 205.

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