Put the “ROI” Back into Direct Mail

Move your marketing efforts into the 21st century and your mail investment into the black with Mail2Web!

With marketing being as tough and competitive as it is today you need a way to expand your reach without ruining your ROI. A way to get noticed and to stand out from the overcrowded market. Combining direct mail and the web is a great way to do just that.

Now you can marry the traditional direct mail piece with the interaction, convenience and tracking capability that the Internet provides. You’ll start getting qualified responses faster than ever before with this attention-grabbing medium plus with Insurance Media’s state of the art database and dashboard you capture interested agents information the minute they hit your landing page!

How does it work?

Each mail piece is personalized and on the mail piece there is a web address that has the producer’s name in it inviting him to take a look. Who can resist typing in a web address that has your name on it? That web address takes the producer to your landing page where you can provide more information and invite further interaction. The minute that agent lands on that page, you will capture his information because we have his information in our custom programmed database connected to that landing page.

Its personal, its interactive and it provides you interested producers that you can connect with! You can choose to do Companion Mail2Web where you email producers you can and mail those that you can’t or you can do a Coordinated Mail2Web and email those you can and then mail them and the rest as well.

How does Mail2Web make generating qualified leads faster and easier?

  • Keep your mailer out of the junk pile: Grab your prospect’s attention right away by personalizing your mailer. Everyone loves to see their own name, you can use this opportunity to speak to them directly.
  • No more waiting for the phone to ring: A personalized URL on your mailer ensures you’ll never wait by the phone again! Compel your prospects to act — and act quickly — by piquing their interest with their name which compels them to visit to discover what’s in store just for them. 
  • Capture prospect information instantly: There are no forms to complete; the recipient simply visits his or her personal URL, and you automatically capture all their contact information. Instead of going through pages of leads, just check your client dashboard for real-time connections!
  • Compelling messages grab attention: The design staff creates a compelling mail piece and coordinating personalized landing page for you. Plus, you can choose to make connecting with your prospects even faster by incorporating our Click to Call and Click to Chat technology at no cost!
  • Add a unique and personal touch to your mailer with video: To really engage and impress your prospects, take advantage of our in-house video studio to add another dimension to your landing page. Simply choose someone to deliver your message, and it will be even more memorable.


Dynamic, impactful and unique, Mail2Web makes keeping up with the speed of business a snap, and you’ll see a positive spike in your ROI.

Contact a Senior Marketing Consultant today and we’ll develop a Mail2Web strategy guaranteed to impress! Call 866-446-3853, Ext. 205.

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