Hot Tele-Lead Transfers

Hot Phone Tele-Leads

One traditional marketing technique that remains a high impact tool for a successful recruiting strategy involves telemarketing. We have created a live telemarketing lead transfer program that as either a stand-alone or when combined with our other recruiting efforts will gear you for immediate success.

We understand that telemarketing services must be both a qualified lead generation activity for your company but must as well be a quality representation of your business.

One of the keys to making the most of your telemarketing campaigns is to combine them with the other recruiting efforts we are deploying for you. When prospective producers are seeing your email or direct mail campaigns these additional telemarketing efforts will reinforce your company in their mind and as a result add authenticity to the calls. When a telemarketing expert makes calls as a follow-up to a marketing piece, probability increases that the telemarketing experts will be making more producer transfers to you.

Here are the things you can expect with our service as a result of our belief in enhancing the producers experience with your company and message:

  • Identification of your target audience. One of the most important aspects to successful TeleLead Transfers is the identification of the producers you want to target with your campaigns. Unlike most telemarketing services available, we are not working from just a list of accumulated phone numbers, but instead from a complete database with producer’s intelligence behind it. Whether your programs call for geo-targeting or national exposure you will have access to our refined and updated database of 1.6 million insurance and financial professionals in order to come up with the most relevant group of producers to call. Once we have identified that group, developed both a brief introduction on your company and the qualifying process to be used, we will look at preferable calling times so they are not called at odd times. A good telemarketing program always avoids calling at unusual times in order to create a good impression.
  • Talented and friendly telemarketing experts make the calls. Our team understands the nature, challenges and opportunities in the insurance and financial industry and a result will be professional and friendly with each call made on your behalf. We know that a professional and friendly manner at the very beginning of any relationship will determine the success of that business experience from that point forward.
  • Once our telemarketing experts have made the initial contact with the prospective producer he will identify the specific qualification requirements based on a qualifying process before the call is transferred back to your office. The result to you will be a pre-qualified lead that will be ready to speak to your company expert in order to enhance your contact to conversion ratio.

It is no secret in the world of marketing that getting your potential producers attention requires multi-channel media campaigns that reach out to them effectively with compelling messages that give you the opportunity to engage them with your company. Unfortunately this does not involve a "silver bullet", but we have well thought out and surveyed solutions that put engagement, interaction and success in front of you. Hot TeleLead Transfers in an integrated package are a must for marketing success.

Call a Senior Marketing Consultant today and we’ll construct a custom script for your Hot TeleLead campaign that is built specifically for you. 866-446-3853 Ext 205.

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