Founder Bennetta Slaughter


Bennetta Slaughter began developing the core ideas that formed Insurance Media Services in Oct 2009. Bennetta envisioned being able to provide a service to the insurance industry that allowed Marketing Organizations and Insurance Home Offices to easily present their products to insurance and financial producers, and for producers to have access to a publication that fulfills their needs and wants with regards to sales ideas as well as communication and presentation techniques. Ms. Slaughter saw that as 21st century technology developed, marketing techniques previously used to perform this function were rapidly becoming outdated. 

The world has gone multi-media, and the insurance industry has to catch up. From that vision was created Insurance Media Services, the company that has developed a full multi-media approach to filling the business needs of both insurance brokers and insurance agents. With proprietary database and software that has been developed from a deep well of over 20 years experience in the insurance industry, Bennetta Slaughter has brought together the magic combination of talented and experienced staff with innovative software and computer applications. From this mix comes the new juggernaut – a service company that has not just caught up to the interactive world, but is riding slightly ahead of the curve.

Bennetta Slaughter has a wide-ranging background. She was a founding member of Agent Media Corporation and the CEO there for over 15 years. When AMC was founded, Bennetta already had extensive sales related and start-up organizational skills. She put them to good work at AMC and created a company that was a 20th century success story.  After selling AMC she then dedicated her time to fulfill her goal to make a difference in the field of education and guided a large non-profit educational institute in the establishment of its campus from the inception through to becoming a fully established and operational educational success story.

Now she is back in the insurance industry, the day and night, always on, driving force behind a new kind of marketing dynamo- Insurance Media Services.