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Our highly effective email campaigns are anything but just another email blast.

The first major difference is in our highly refined producer database. Our principals pioneered the science of compiling and maintaining records on insurance and financial professionals and our CEO, CMO and CTO bring a combined 60 years of experience to bring you the most valuable promotional experience possible.

The second major difference is in the email innovation itself. After extensive surveys of financial advisors and independent agents we discovered that potential producers often do not feel connected to you via the offers they receive. For example, they receive your offer but when they click on the link, it does not necessarily take them to specific information about that product, or there is no easy way for them to reach you immediately. We’ve solved that problem by optimizing every campaign to include a Click to Call and Click to Chat feature as well as a Landing Page in every Email Campaign and at no extra cost, therefore saving you hundreds of dollars over any other competitive offer.

The third difference is our trained and experienced insurance literate creative team who will design your ad and Landing Page as well as write your script for your Click to Call features. We will provide captivating headlines, compelling copy and vibrant messages; all that spur them to action with persuasive calls to action, and with the two ways we automatically provide them that they receive relevant information on what piqued their interest in the first place you are much less likely to lose someone because they couldn’t get their answer when they were interested.

For as little as 2 cents per agent contact you can reach across our selective database of producers with your targeted message to create the most impact for your marketing dollars.

We have six standard regions but we encourage you to select the states or areas that fit your promotional budget so that you can reach those areas repeatedly. The right marketing campaign is one that allows you to reach your target areas again and again so that you stay “top of mind” with the producers that are qualified to sell your products.

And, so that you have real time analytics, your campaign results will be available to you in our Custom Dashboard that compiles, provides and saves your results, campaign after campaign.

You can also add a Video Spokesperson to your Email Campaign. The development and use of video has taken the marketing world by fire, witness the popularity and extensive use of YouTube. It’s a visual world today and we make utilizing video in your promotions easy and inexpensive.

Call a Senior Marketing Consultant today and we’ll construct a custom emailing campaign built specifically for you. 866-446-3853 Ext 205.

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