Insurance Media Services assists Insurance Marketing Organizations and Insurance Companies integrate unique and innovative marketing solutions such as email, electronic news media, voice, with traditional marketing solutions such as telemarketing, mailing and print into their recruiting plans in order to increase their producer contact to conversion rate and as a result grow their business.

Our company was formed by the founders of another successful insurance media firm. The executive leadership team comprised of the CEO, COO, CFO and CTO each have 20 years of experience in helping marketers and insurance carriers recruit agents effectively and have applied their experience to this new world of online marketing and content publishing. Tremendous time has been spent with independent producers and marketing companies to fully establish what is needed by both so as to ensure each campaign is highly successful in the contact to conversion process.

In recent market research we've discovered that marketers are not only finding it difficult to find quality agents that produce but also are having difficulty integrating print and online campaigns that yield desirable and quantifiable results. We have taken the guess work out of targeting more of the right producer by using our experience in the insurance marketplace to bring you the most refined database possible, combined with compelling ads and scripts that are well articulated, offers with persuasive calls to action that are deployed across multiple media channels that include technology and traditional so as to ensure that every campaign we send out on your behalf whether print, electronic, voice, or a combination ties back to you in an interactive way and is fully integrated into a custom dashboard so we can gauge the effectiveness of your campaigns and rapidly make adjustments wherever needed to assist in maximizing marketing dollars.

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